If you know how to look,
you see what others miss.

It’s easy to look at today’s global equities market and see much to be wary about: a low growth, lower return market defined by volatility in both developed and emerging economies.

The Nikko AM Global Equity Team doesn’t see it that way. Their unique approach, a combination of Experience, Free-Thinking and Execution, means they’re continually ‘joining the dots’, across geographies, sectors and companies, to find the opportunities that others simply don’t see.



Our six portfolio managers/analysts have an average of 19 years’ industry experience and have worked together as a Global Equity team for more than five years. The team’s deliberately flat structure fosters individual accountability and collective responsibility. It is designed to take advantage of their diversity of backgrounds and areas of specialisation to ensure the team can ‘join the dots’ and find the investment opportunities others don’t.

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The Nikko AM Global Equity Team doesn’t believe there is a single, pre-determined recipe for success in idea generation. To beat the mediocrity of the benchmark you have to join the dots and find things that others don’t. It’s something no computer can do. It requires human curiosity, mutual trust, experience and the discipline to approach every investment case with an open mind and consider every opportunity from a variety of perspectives.

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Effective execution requires focused collaboration towards a single goal: high conviction and benchmark-unconstrained portfolios of 40-50 companies with an active share of 85%-95%. The team selects a concentrated portfolio from listed companies around the globe – alpha can be sourced from any company across the geographical and market capitalisation spectrum. Team members are fundamental long-term investors who focus on bottom up stock selection with an element of top-down input. Our goal is to find companies that have what we define as Future Quality.

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