Since 2018, our Corporate Sustainability Department has driven sustainability into our corporate culture. From curating our strategy and aligning ourselves to maximise our impact in our offices through 3 core pillars: Diversity & Inclusion, Reducing Inequalities and Environment & Climate.

We also support employee volunteering, fundraisers for disaster reliefs and contributions towards various causes within our Corporate Sustainability remit.

Diversity & Inclusion

Global Racial Equality

Made up of members from each of our offices around the world - we are committed to creating an inclusive working environment without bias where each person is treated fairly and equally regardless of ethnicity or nationality.

International Women’s Group (4 regions)

The group serves to unify our diverse talent in finding solutions to local and global problems affecting women, both at Nikko AM and in our communities.

Japan Women’s Group

By creating an environment that breaks down unconscious barriers where employees are free to choose how and in what way you find purpose at work. The group also hopes to support the community achieve the same purpose.

Japan LGBTQ Group

Devoted to increase the understanding of LGBTQ issues and creating a comfortable workplace environment the group strives to create a culture where employees not only learn about diversity but make it a personal matter.

Japan Abilities Group

The group aims to create a corporate culture that seeks to understand differences and contribute to improving accessibility for everyone through various activities.


Reducing Inequalities


Our employees around the world volunteer and donate to Water for Life and global disaster relief efforts.

Japan Philanthropy Group

The group aims to promote social contribution throughout the company to address inequality, eradicate poverty, and eliminate disparities.

Asia Sustainability Group

Operating from Singapore and Hong Kong, our Asia Group volunteers, fundraise and support children to mental health and biodiversity through multiple initiatives.

Americas Sustainability Group

The Americas Group help communities who are less fortunate through donations and volunteering for school-going children with aims to support literacy.

EMEA Sustainability Group

The EMEA Group’s office culture is giving of time, money, and expertise. Employees vote for a charity of the year and fundraises and volunteers with selected charity. Other support includes donations of toys or presents.

New Zealand Sustainability Group

The New Zealand Group pivots its current focus on helping to empower people who are financially marginalised on top of combating modern slavery alongside our investments.


Environment & Climate


As a firm, we strive to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and support reforestation through The Forest of Nikko AM. As part of the refreshed Global Environmental Policy, we target to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% per employee by 2030, compared to our 2019 emission levels.

Japan Environment Group

The Group aims to address the vast scope of global environmental issues. The group emphasizes the cycle of “awareness” “acknowledge” and “action” at the individual level. They also work to facilitate the exchange of environmental knowledge with various stakeholders.


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