Nikko AM's global multi currency strategies focus on investing in a diverse basket of currencies, supported by strong underlying fundamental analysis of more than 50 currencies from both developing and emerging markets.

Key Characteristics
  • A universe of more than 50 currencies including both developed and emerging markets
  • High levels of diversification
  • Limited duration risk
  • Experienced and stable investment team, having on average more than 10 years of investment experience*.

The following principals provide the foundation for the investment approach to multi currency strategies.


Currency strategies are characterised by high levels of diversification providing exposure to at least 10 different currencies.

Exposure to Emerging Market Currencies

A diversified approach enables the team to access exposure to emerging market currencies, which potentially will be the strong currencies of tomorrow.

Emphasis on High Yield Currencies

Over a medium-term investment horizon, we believe on average, higher yielding currencies on average, will provide greater total returns in comparison to lower yielding counterparts.

* As of October 2014