Nikko AM has investment capabilities in China "A" Shares as well as Hong Kong "H" Shares, Red Chips and Shenzhen & Shanghai "B" Shares. The firm was granted QFII status in December 2003 and has been managing Chinese equity portfolios since 2005.

Key Characteristics
  • Style neutral
  • Opportunistic stock selection based on bottom-up, fundamental research
  • Market inefficiencies create opportunities for capital appreciation
  • Nikko AM's stake in Rongtong Fund Management enhances research access and understanding of Chinese market trends

The investment team believe that out performance in the Chinese equity market can be achieved by identifying and investing in financially strong companies that deliver consistent and above average earnings growth compared to the market average, at times when this is not recognised by the market. The team also has a history of working closely with mainland Chinese asset management companies to gain local insight and perspective.

Nikko AM may act as an advisor for institutional investors possessing a direct QFII allocation seeking Chinese investment expertise.