The Japan Value Equity strategy is based on the belief that higher returns can be achieved by identifying companies selling at low valuations, in industries with stable dynamics and management teams with the commitment and ability to produce fundamental improvements.

Key Characteristics
  • Value style bias
  • Opportunistically invests in all market caps
  • Catalyst-driven value investment, rather than value investments based on cyclical movements
  • Dedicated value research focuses on identifying value stocks across all sectors
  • 3-5 year investment time horizon
  • 80-100 stock name portfolio

Through bottom up stock selection, the investment team look for changes that act as catalysts for improving the utilisation of assets, capital efficiency and increasing future earnings, which will lead to a revaluation of the stock price.

A core belief is that out performance can be achieved by investing in undervalued companies, possessing the potential for positive revaluation. These companies are characterised by having products, services and/or technologies that would benefit from newly created demand caused by social or structural changes.