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Nikko AM's range of specialist Asian equity, fixed income and ETF investment products have been singled out for distinction by consultants and financial media across the globe. We appreciate this recognition and strive to remain the leading Asia-based asset management company, by delivering consistent outperformance and high quality client service.

Morningstar Award
Morningstar Award
ETF Express
Asia Asset Management2015, 2016
AsianInvestor Awards — 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
The Asset ETF Awards — 2017
ETF Express Awards — 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Global Investor/isf Award for Investment Excellence — 2010
Lipper Fund Awards (Japan) — 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Lipper Fund Awards (UK) — 2010
Morningstar "Fund of the Year" Awards — 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
R&I Fund Award — 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
TBLI ESG Leaders Awards — 2010

Our subsidiaries and affiliates have also been recognised through industry accolades.


Best Fund of the Year - References to any specific securities do not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities. Those awarded funds based upon the past performance cannot guarantee their future performance. Data or statements are obtained from sources Morningstar Japan K.K believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness.
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Taking every factor into consideration, Morningstar Japan K.K. has selected funds for Morningstar Award "Fund of the Year 2016" in each divisions from open-end mutual fund based upon its unique quantitative and qualitative analysis. Awarded funds in the Asset Allocation-conservative Fund Division have been selected from 109 funds at the end of December 2016.

Fund of the Year - References to any specific securities do not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities. Those awarded funds based upon the past performance cannot guarantee their future performance. Data or statements are obtained from sources Morningstar Japan K.K believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness.
All information is the property of Morningstar Japan K.K. or Morningstar, Inc. and protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. All rights reserved.
Taking every factor into consideration, Morningstar Japan K.K. has selected funds for Morningstar Award "Fund of the Year 2016" in each divisions from open-end mutual fund based upon its unique quantitative and qualitative analysis. Awarded funds in the International-Stock Fund Division have been selected from 1,123 funds at the end of December 2016.

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Asia Investor Achievement Awards
AsianInvestor ("AI") annual Awards for Achievement recognise fund houses that have demonstrated skill in institutional fund management, as well as all-round excellence among hedge funds, service providers and domestic businesses. Nominations are based purely on past performance. AI does however select winners on more qualitative factors so our awards reflect consistent skill. For the Annual awards, the methodology for AsianInvestor's Achievement Awards in institutional asset management involves two steps:

  • First: AI collects performance data from various consultants that is used to shortlist the top 3-4 candidates in each category. For one-year awards, AI looks at pure returns; for other awards, information ratios. AI picks the top three or four performers on that basis.
  • Step two: AI asks the candidates to pitch themselves and provide some areas (such as sources of alpha, strategy, team experience, innovation, testimonials, etc) to consider. After than it is purely an editorial decision, based on the pitches.

Firms that have demonstrated consistent performance in a particular asset class may have an edge and AI also values client testimonials highly.

The Asset ETF Awards
For The Asset Triple A Private Banking, Wealth Management, Investment and ETF Awards, the editors of The Asset adopt a rigorous approach in selecting the most deserving institutions and products. Point scores for both quantitative factors and qualitative factors are combined to determine a shortlist for each award. The Asset editorial team then conducts follow-up interviews and participates in presentations organized by the investors, investing institutions and product originators to make a final judgment.

R&I Fund Award
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Featured articles on Responsible Investing by Nikko Asset Management

  • Why ESG for Emerging Asia
    by Peter Sartori, Head of Equity, Asia and Peter Monson, Senior Equity Analyst — 09 February, 2017

Nikko Asset Management (“Nikko AM” or “we”) is a long term, global investor across multiple asset classes, acting in the best interests of our clients. We believe that the three core factors behind sustainable, responsible investing - environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) - are inherent to long-term value creation. Incorporating them in the investment process is consistent with our fiduciary duty.

Sustainability means managing the challenges and risks facing all organisations to meet the needs of the present, without compromising future generations. Our ESG policy is consistent with how we manage and govern ourselves sustainably, and our Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility describes Nikko AM’s core values, corporate social responsibility and global citizenship.

Nikko AM became a UN PRI signatory in 2007 (PRI representing the Principles for Responsible Investment). This early commitment is testament to our dedication to all six Principles, where consistent with our fiduciary responsibilities.

Nikko AM’s ESG Steering Committee governs the fulfilment of ESG commitments, and is mandated by the Global Executive Committee ("GEC") and chaired by the Global Head of Investment. Composed of leaders from Nikko AM’s equity and fixed income investment teams worldwide, it is responsible for evaluating effectiveness and maximizing Nikko AM’s approach to ESG and the Principles. Where Nikko AM actively manages money, we implement our commitment both by considering ESG issues in the investment process, and through engagement and the exercise of our shareholder rights. Where appropriate to the asset class, investment strategy and client requirements, certain investment teams may maintain specific ESG policies and procedures pertaining to their investment philosophy and process. The Steering Committee is also responsible for monitoring and improving the investment teams’ implementation of the Principles.

Based on the six PRI Principles, Nikko AM adheres to the following firm-wide policy:

Principle 1: Nikko AM incorporates ESG issues in investment analysis and decision-making

We believe ESG issues are inseparable from our fundamentals-based investment process. As such, their incorporation in the investment process is the direct responsibility of all the investment professionals at Nikko AM, rather than a separate team of ESG specialists. Each team may address ESG issues in their own specific investment policy statements. The head of each investment team, and ultimately the Global Head of Investment, are accountable for the implementation of ESG and the Principles. The firm realizes that the sustainability practice is evolving and helps to facilitate and continuously develop abilities to incorporate ESG by providing tools and information to, and requiring annual training for, the investment teams. We also encourage service providers to continue developing how they incorporate ESG into their products and services. Where Nikko AM invests through external managers, we consider a manager’s incorporation of ESG and practices relating to the Principles.

Principle 2: Nikko AM is an active owner and incorporates ESG issues into its ownership policies and practices

Nikko AM is an active owner, through its proxy voting process and engagement with its invested companies. As a long term investor, we believe an active dialogue and engagement with the management team, where appropriate, can both improve ESG performance and sustainability, and help an investor to more fully understand these efforts. Where we invest through passive strategies, we strive to incorporate ESG through the voting of proxies and the engagement process, where appropriate. To assist in the promotion of the Principles, Nikko AM discloses our voting, as is consistent with local practice.

Principle 3: Nikko AM seeks appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which it invests

Nikko AM supports transparency and disclosure on ESG issues. Adequate and accurate information is essential to the appropriate incorporation of ESG issues in the investment process. As long term investors, we believe active dialogue with the management of the companies we invest in enhances disclosure. As such, we support further efforts by issuers to disclose, and investors to promote the disclosure of, robust, consistent and standardised information.

Principle 4: Nikko AM promotes the acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry

We see ESG issues as inseparable from the investment process. We communicate to employees and existing and potential clients, why and how such issues are integrated into investment decision making. Nikko AM considers supporting regulatory or industry actions that further promote the acceptance and incorporation of the Principles over time.

Principle 5: Nikko AM collaborates to enhance effectiveness in implementing the Principles

Nikko AM actively collaborates with clients and members of the investment management industry to promote and implement best ESG practices. Such engagements are supported by the Steering Committee and reported to the GEC. Nikko AM supports dedicated resources, including external research providers, for ESG analysis and mandates a policy of continuous staff training on ESG and responsible investing. This may include participating in networks and information platforms to share tools, pool resources, and make use of investor reporting.

Principle 6: Nikko AM reports its activities and progress towards implementing the Principles

Nikko AM takes various steps to report and disclose progress on our implementation of the Principles, in part to encourage others within the investment industry to do the same. Internally, we report on all ESG implementation and relevant activities to the GEC and Board of Directors at least annually, including progress in implementing the Principles and the impact on our investment activities. Externally, we respond to client inquiries regarding all ESG issues related to specific portfolios, as well as more generally how ESG issues are integrated in the investment process and practices. More generally, we communicate our stance on the importance of ESG issues in the investment process with employees, the broader investment industry and beneficiaries, including disclosure of active ownership activities.

It is important to note that we do not exclude particular asset types, industry sectors or securities wholly on moral or ethical grounds, unless this is expressly built into the product’s investment strategy or client agreement.

This policy will be revised to reflect our continued capability enhancement in the sustainable and responsible investing space.

Executive Chairman

David Semaya
David Semaya
Representative Director, Executive Chairman

David Semaya is Executive Chairman and Representative Director of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. His thirty year career spans three continents in executive leadership roles in financial services across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Now based in Tokyo, he joined Nikko AM in 2014 and serves as Chairman of the Board. In this Executive role, he is primarily responsible for overseeing the firm’s global corporate governance, as well as contributing to corporate strategy and strategic client relationships.

David is currently a Board Director of Rongtong Fund Management Co., Ltd (China), and Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (Malaysia).

Prior to returning to Japan, David was most recently with Barclays PLC as CEO of UK and Ireland Wealth Management and Chairman of Barclays Asset Management Ltd., based in London. Prior to 2009, he served as CEO for Barclays Global Investors (now Blackrock) Europe and Asia. Until 2004, David was with Merrill Lynch and Co. in a variety of executive leadership positions in both Asset Management and Investment Banking in New York and Tokyo.

David was also formerly a Trustee Director for one of Europe’s largest pension funds and served on the board of the Investment Association and the Wealth Management Association (UK). He currently serves on the ICI Pacific Policy Council.

David holds a BA from The University of Florida, a Masters in Education from Temple University and has completed the Stanford/NUS Executive Program in International Management.

He is a dual US/UK National and is fluent in the Japanese language.

Executive Management

The company's management team is highly experienced and diverse, and is committed to running the company according to international best practices. The Global Executive Committee consists of the Executive Chairman, President & CEO, the Executive Vice Chairman, the Executive Deputy President and the Global Head of Investment.

Takumi Shibata
Takumi Shibata
Representative Director, President & CEO

Takumi Shibata is Representative Director, President & CEO of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. He joined the company as Executive Chairman in July 2013, and assumed the roles of Chairman, President & CEO in January 2014.

At the end of March 2014, he relinquished the title of Chairman. Drawing on his global network and the wealth of experience, he is responsible for the group's domestic and international businesses, reinforces relationships with business partners and clients, and acts as a catalyst to unite Nikko Asset Management's multinational workforce.

Prior to joining Nikko Asset Management, Shibata was Group COO of Nomura Holdings. Before that, he was responsible for Nomura's European operations from its London subsidiary, and then oversaw global investment banking, global wholesale, global administration and global asset management operations. During his time at Nomura, Shibata spent 20 years in Japan and 17 years overseas.

Shibata is a former member of the Business Accounting Council of Japan's Financial Services Agency, Vice Chairman of the Japan Investment Advisers Association, Chairman of the Self-regulatory Planning Committee of the Japan Securities Dealers Association, a Board Member of the International Primary Market Association (London) and a Board Member of the Securities Institute (London). In these roles, he strove to further develop the financial markets in both Japan and the United Kingdom.

Shibata holds a BA in economics from Keio University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Hideo Abe
Hideo Abe
Director, Executive Vice Chairman

Hideo Abe joined Nikko Asset Management as Executive Vice Chairman in October 2013. He was also named Director in April 2014. His current role includes developing strategies to reach domestic and overseas institutional investors, as well as individual investors.

Abe was most recently at Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., where he served as director and deputy president for five years from 2008 to 2013. Prior to Mizuho Securities, Abe was a board member and CEO at Nikko Citigroup for four years.

During the course of his career at Nikko Cordial Securities and its forerunner company, Nikko Securities (now SMBC Nikko Securities), he held various important offices such as senior managing director for Nikko Cordial Securities, as well as board member and executive officer for Nikko Cordial Group. In these roles, he was a leader in business and product planning, marketing, fixed income trading, and capital markets. Abe boasts 36 years of experience in the finance and securities industries. From 1987 to 1995, Abe was assigned to the London-based Nikko Europe. He is a graduate of Keio University's School of Literature.

Junichi Sayato
Junichi Sayato
Representative Director & Executive Deputy President

In June 2015, Junichi Sayato joined Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. as Representative Director and Executive Deputy President, where he will oversee risk management, legal, compliance, IT and operations.

Before joining Nikko Asset Management, Junichi Sayato most recently served as Representative Director and President of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust General Service Co., Ltd. He previously held the position of President at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Research Institute Co., Ltd., and also oversaw IR at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. as Director and Managing Executive Officer. At the former Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. (now Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited), he oversaw finance, operations, IT, compliance, and CS as Director and Managing Executive Officer. Before that, he served as Executive Officer and Regional Executive for the Americas at the same bank, as well as General Manager of the New York Branch and General Manager of the Risk Management Department.

He has over 13 years of extensive experience in working outside of Japan namely in London, New York and Washington D.C.

He graduated from the School of Law at Kyoto University in March 1978 and received his master's degree from the London School of Economics (Department of Economics, International Relations Major) in August 1982.

Yu-Ming Wang
Yu-Ming Wang
Deputy President, Global Head of Investment & CIO, International

Yu-Ming Wang has a wealth of experience in the asset management industry with a notable track record particularly in managing global fixed income.

Yu-Ming Wang is responsible for overseeing Nikko Asset Management's investment teams, comprising more than 200 seasoned professionals spanning four continents and seven locations (Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, London and New York) and covering all global markets and asset classes.

Joining Nikko Asset Management as International CIO in January 2013, Yu-Ming assumed the additional position of Deputy President in April 2014.

Based in Asia since 2007, Yu-Ming was previously Head of Fixed Income at Manulife Asset Management (Hong Kong). Prior to that, he worked at Wachovia Bank for nine years in senior roles in the capital markets division in New York, before moving to Hong Kong to head the global markets business for the Asian region.

Yu-Ming earned his bachelor's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his MBA from New York University. He is a US national and fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Regional Executives

Eleanor Seet
Eleanor Seet
Head of Asia and President, Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited

Eleanor joined Nikko Asset Management Asia in 2011 as president. She is responsible for driving the growth of Nikko Asset Management Asia. She has spent her entire career in the asset management industry and has a strong background in sales and marketing of investment products.

Previously, she held the role of senior director for iShares, Private Wealth Distribution, Asia ex-Japan from 2009. Prior to that, she spent 12 years at AllianceBernstein, where she was responsible for building and developing the firm distribution channels and business. She graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Sam Hallinan
Sam Hallinan
Managing Director, Nikko Asset Management Australia Limited

Sam Hallinan joined Nikko Asset Management as Managing Director, Australia on April 1, 2015.

Sam most recently was General Manager, Investment Management at NAB Asset Management while also serving as Director of Antares Capital Partners Limited, which is affiliated with NAB Asset Management.

Sam has a 20-year career in Australian financial services focusing on asset management, strategy, sales and organisational culture. At NAB, he held leadership roles in retail and institutional product and sales leadership roles for the asset management and investment platform divisions.

George Carter
George Carter
Managing Director, Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited

George Carter joined Nikko Asset Management New Zealand as the Managing Director in November 2015. He has 15 years of experience in the financial services industry.

George was previously head of distribution and a director at AMP Capital, a role he held for six years with responsibility for proactively engaging with and managing the business's external relationships. Prior to that, he worked as a consulting actuary advising institutional clients on pensions, investments assets and liabilities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He holds an honours degree in Theology from the University of Durham and is a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries and the New Zealand Society of Actuaries.

Fred DeSerio
Fred DeSerio
Head of Sales and Co-Head, Nikko Asset Management Americas

Fred DeSerio joined Nikko Asset Management in January 2015 as head of sales in the United States.

In May, he was promoted to the position of senior managing director, head of sales and co-head of the business for the Americas. He is upgrading the region's business development capabilities as Nikko Asset Management looks to expand not only in the United States but across North and South America.

Prior to joining the company he was a managing director at Invesco where he started working in 2002. Prior to Invesco, he worked for firms including Smith Barney, American International Group and Segal Advisors.

Yasuaki Ogiwara
Yasuaki Ogiwara
President, Nikko Asset Management Hong Kong Limited

Yasuaki Ogiwara joined Nikko Asset Management in April 2015 and is the president of Nikko Asset Management Hong Kong Limited.

He is responsible for supporting the company's delivery of integrated solutions to investors throughout Asia. He is a veteran financier. Prior to joining Nikko Asset Management he was the president of Nomura Asset Management in Hong Kong. He has also headed sales and business development in multiple markets during his tenure at Nomura Securities, including Taiwan and Europe.

Nikko Asset Management Affiliates Key Executives

Allen Yan


Allen Yan
Deputy CEO, Rongtong Fund Management

Mr. Yan joined Rongtong Global Investment Limited as CEO in 2013. He has been serving as a deputy CEO of Rongtong Fund Management Co. since 2011.

From March 2008 to 2011, Allen was co-head of strategy and financial planning of Nikko AM.

He was head of financial planning and analysis from 2006 to 2008. Prior to joining Nikko AM, he had been with Fidelity Investments Japan since 2001. There he was in the finance division, responsible for business planning and financial analysis for Fidelity Investments Japan and subsequently Fidelity Investments Asia.

He earned his BA in Economics at the University of Chicago and his Master of Commerce and Management at Hitotsubashi University in Japan. He holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Teng Chee Wai

Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad
Teng Chee Wai
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director,
Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad

Teng is the founder of Affin Hwang Asset Management. Over the past decade, he has built the Company to be the fastest growing and only independent investment management house in Malaysia's top five, with an excess of RM 30 billion in assets under management.

In his capacity as Managing Director, Teng manages the overall business and strategic direction as well as the management of the investment team. His 'hands on approach' sees him actively involved in investments, product development and marketing. Teng's critical leadership and regular participation in reviewing and assessing strategies and performance has been pivotal in allowing the Company to successfully navigate the economically turbulent decade.

Teng's investment management experience spans more than 20 years, and his key area of expertise is in managing absolute return mandates for insurance assets and investment- linked funds in both Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Assistant General Manager (Investment) of Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC) and was responsible for the investment function of the Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd Group.

Teng's began his career in the financial industry as an Investment Manager with NTUC Income, Singapore. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the National University of Singapore and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Studies from City University London.

At Nikko AM, we believe that corporate governance is a critical management issue. For many years, we have had an independent board – which includes independent directors – as well as a clear delineation between the board, oversight control functions and executive responsibilities. We consider this structure to be distinctive in Asia and necessary for maintaining the confidence of our shareholders.

Since 2003, Nikko AM has provided employees with an ownership stake in our company, which we believe has enhanced the independence of management, contributed to our relatively low turnover, and helped align the firm’s goals with those of our employees.

Nikko Asset Management Corporate Governance

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