Nikko Asset Management Asian Fixed Income capability

Established Asian bonds manager

Nikko AM has a long history of managing Asian fixed income. Having established our first Asian bond strategy in 1982, we are one of the pioneers in the Asian fixed income space. Our long standing capabilities have reaped us multiple industry awards and accolades over the years. In 2016, the Asset’s annual Benchmark Research ranked Nikko AM as top 4 in Asian Local Currency Bonds. Our team also boasts several portfolio managers who have received industry recognition for their astute investing.

Experienced team

We have one of the largest dedicated Asian Fixed Income teams, with 14 investment professionals averaging 13 years of experience in Asian markets. Members of the team come from multi-national backgrounds, and this allows us to understand and converse in local languages and diverse cultures within the region. Our portfolio managers and research analysts have honed a strong appreciation for the idiosyncratic characteristics of individual countries and sectors while successfully navigating our funds through various market cycles.

Clear and focused investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is premised on capital preservation and thorough credit research aiming to protect our investors’ portfolios, first and foremost.

Our three key principles:

  1. Capital preservation: Thorough understanding of the investment universe, proper risk budgeting, disciplined and consistent investment process
  2. Investing for the long-term: Identifying medium- to long-term fundamentally-driven trends
  3. Value discipline: Seeking long-term value and exploiting short- to medium-term mispricing opportunities

Differentiated and rigourous process

Our proprietary Fundamental, Valuation and Technical (FVT) Framework, which is applied to our top-down and bottom-up research, is the backbone for which we construct high conviction portfolios that aim to deliver returns through multiple sources of alpha. This time-honed credit research and independent internal credt rating (ICR) model is where we differentiate ourselves.

The FVT Framework

Leveraging on our FVT Framework for analysis of credit, rates and FX, the outcome is a high-conviction portfolio consisting of the managers’ best investment ideas. With regards to our robust credit research, the most important output from our team of dedicated credit analysts is the ICR, which expands the opportunity set to unrated issuers.

Nikko Asset Management Asian Fixed Income FVT Framework

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