Our approach to investment begins with the aim to add value for investors through all market cycles. We are benchmark agnostic, which means our views and conviction drive stock selection and weightings. As bottom-up stock pickers, we identify mis-priced stocks through fundamental research. Our analysis of companies covers an investment horizon of at least three years. We prefer stocks with good liquidity in a universe of mid- and large-capitalisation stocks, and our typical regional portfolio holds 40 to 60 stocks.

Key Characteristics
  • Benchmark agnostic
  • Driven by fundamental views and conviction
  • Bottom-up stock selection
  • 3-year or longer investment time horizon
  • 40 to 60 stocks per portfolio

Our research approach aims to challenge the consensus numbers and overall views of the investment community on a stock. This is based on independent assessment through extensive contacts and thorough understanding of the company and the industry that it operates in.

The Team

The Asian equity investment team, headed by Peter Sartori, is organised around portfolio managers and analysts. Our research analysts and portfolio managers alike have sector and country/regional research responsibilities. This allows Peter and his portfolio managers to tap into each individual's area of expertise at a country and sector level when constructing portfolios.

Our analysts play an important role in identifying and recommending stocks within their assigned sectors, with an emphasis on generating positive alpha. Research reports help them to identify pertinent issues, such as company-specific growth drivers, trading ranges, potential price catalysts and risk factors. Bottom-up insights may also contribute to relevant investment themes.

An integrated approach, whereby all team members participate in macro/sector/stock discussions and share information and research, helps Peter and the portfolio managers find success in the investment strategy of each portfolio.