Listed Index Fund Nikkei China Related 50 Print

Listed Index Fund Nikkei China Related 50 Code:1556This Fund seeks to achieve the net asset volatility per unit of trust assets which closely correlates with the movement of Nikkei China Related Stock 50.

Beneficiary rights are listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (listing scheduled for March 10, 2011) and can be traded at any time during trading hours.

  • Units may be traded in blocks of 10 units (as of the date when the securities registration statement was filed).
  • Brokers determine trading commissions.
  • The method of trading is, in principle, the same as that for stocks.

* Please contact your broker for further information.

Major Investment Restrictions

  • There is no restriction to the investment ratio in stocks.
  • The Fund may invest, in principle, in shares of the component stocks of Nikkei China Related Stock 50. However, this does not apply to stocks acquired through shareholder allotments.
  • The Fund does not invest in assets denominated in foreign currencies.

Further Information

Further information is available from the following sources:

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Nikkei Inc.

  • For enquiries on incorporated issues, please contact Index Division of Nikkei Inc.
    Tel. +81-(0)3-6256-7341
    Email: index(a)
    * In order to avoid SPAM, @ is replaced to (a).

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